Butterscotch Hard Candies

This week one day I visited a woman Ruth who is very frail, in her early 90’s and living in an assisted apartment.  Her daughter was there too, taking care of the details.  The daughter kept referring to her mom as “we” like to go to the stretching class, “we” nap in the afternoons or “we” need help getting out of the recliner.   

Ruth slept most of the visit, snoring loudly until her daughter woke her up to sign a few forms.  After that was done, she reminded her daughter to send me off with a snack size baggie with hard candies.  The daughter said this is her trademark.  It reminds me of a stereotypical grandma type thing to do, the candies representing a simpler time. 

I think back to what it must have been like when these type of candies really were a treat, before the days of warhead candy and sour gummy worms.  After she gave me the baggie, I noticed there were candy trays all over her little apartment, filled with the same candies.  This was her connection to others and her past, I believe, symbolizing her wish to share and please others with her generosity.  I tucked the baggie in my bag and carried it with me like the treasure that it is.

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