Little D

I met with a family this week to see if we could sign up an older gentleman named Billy for some long term care services.  He has dementia and his wife is getting overwhelmed with caregiving because she is also caring for a severely disabled grandson who lives with them.  The grandson is referred to as Little D.  He was about the size of a 10 year old, but was laying in a bed in the living room with a diaper, making happy giggling noises and playing with little electronic toys.

Caring for someone with Dementia is a difficult task.  Caring for a severely disabled child is a difficult task.  But to manage both?  I call these individuals “Super caregivers”.  All three of these individuals are at risk if something happens to her.  She needs supportive services and respite, and fast!

In honor of these amazingly giving individuals, I’d like to ask that we recognize the work of caregivers everywhere.  We need to find more ways to care for the caregivers!  Hopefully Billy’s eligibility process will go quickly and the family will get some services such as adult day care and in home respite for the wife.

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