Rock Band

As the Baby Boom generation ages, it is bringing about changes to the way in which long term care is provided.  Currently, long term care is being recreated from the warehouse nursing home of the past.  Now, the cornerstone of long term care is becoming choice and self-determination, although the provider systems still have a ways to go. 

Recently, I met a man named Thomas in his 60’s with multiple chronic health conditions that limit his ability to live independently.  He lived in his own home.  When I pulled up to the house matching the address on my form, I saw a sign on the lawn that said, “Music Lessons” and gave a phone number.  Turns out, this individual spent many of his adult years as a professional musician touring with a rock band.  As he became less able to do things for himself, he arranged for two other band members to live with him, each of them having distinct household roles-one is a cook and another takes care of the house and yard in exchange for rent.  They all take care of each other.  He took on music students to supplement his income as well as offering extra rooms in his home as an Air B and B.  He used creativity to overcome limitations of age and disability. 

Formal systems will need to find ways to support this creativity and not always look to a “one size fits all” approach.  Or else people like Thomas, can come up with out of the box solutions and not rely on formal systems at all.

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