The Potential Impact of Medicaid Changes

The changes in the political climate from the November election are starting to come into reality.  The status of Medicaid is one issue that has been talked about.  Medicaid is a Federal program that funds long term care services to many low income people with chronic health issues and care needs that have been described in these Butterscotch Hard Candy posts.  Each state has different Medicaid specifics, but we will look at Wisconsin as an example.  The likely changes would be to shift Medicaid funding to a block grant system.  Basically, according to the Wisconsin Long Term Care coalition, this would result in 25 to 35% cuts in Medicaid services. 

Here is a statement from the Wisconsin Long Term Care Coalition.  “We are hearing from older adults and people with disabilities across the state who are worried that potential Medicaid block grants will impact their ability to continue living and working in the community,” said Wisconsin Long Term Care Coalition Co-Chair Lynn Breedlove. “We hope to work with lawmakers to get answers to the many questions we have about what Medicaid block grants would mean for Wisconsin.”

Stay tuned for more information, updates and real examples of how this proposed change may threaten the most vulnerable people in our communities.

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