Making Up for Lost Time

Here is an amazing caregiver story, something I run across frequently and feel the need to share. 
Mary is the sole caregiver for her mother, 80 years old, who has dementia, is unable to walk without assistance and has insulin dependent diabetes and was released from prison two months ago.  Mary is retired and has some health issues, but took her mother into her home, where she was already caring for a 26 year old granddaughter with an intellectual disability.  She took on the task willingly, knowing that she lost 25 years with her mom when she was in prison.  She wants to make the most of the time her mother has left.
As usual, help arrives after the Caregiver has reached a near breaking point.  Unfortunately, her care needs were not anticipated when she left prison.  She was sent to her daughter’s home with some insulin and syringes, with the belief that she was able to self-administer her insulin, despite her advanced dementia.  Not until months later did her daughter realize she was not taking the correct dosage of insulin and not at the right schedule.  Her mother needed to be hospitalized after a clinic visit found her blood sugar to be dangerously high.  The hospitalization gave Mary a brief respite, but she was discharged after a few days.  Even if Mary would be willing to send her mother for a nursing home rehab stay, no nursing home would accept her due to her past criminal record.  In home support services though a long term care program will start Feb. 1st.   The program will provide the services and support needed to fulfill the caregiver’s wish to care for her mother. 

On a related note, here is a link to the National Council on Aging’s blog that addresses a critical issue for Seniors.  The repeal of the Affordable Care Act would eliminate funding for prevention and chronic disease management programs.  This includes fall prevention programs and education for people living with diabetes.  Learn more here: 

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