Free My Grandma

On the subject of immigration, I was just talking with my co-workers and we were discussing the number of Consumers we see who require interpreters. There are many and they speak numerous different languages. I have personally met with people who speak 8 different languages just in the past year, including one woman from Somalia, which is included in the immigrant ban. She wore traditional African dress and had signs of early dementia.  Her son and daughter in law were at the end of their rope trying to get her to eat and manage her personal hygiene. 

Many are first generation immigrants or came with their adult children because they take care of each other. They have immigrated to this county at many different times and for different reasons-they are diverse in their diversity. All have families that rely on one another.  It seems there is a disproportionate number of these individuals who are low income as well. Limiting immigration and denying visa’s would destroy the families and support systems. Their family may be their greatest strength. 

This point was driven home when I recently saw a protest sign on the news of a young person with a sign, “Free My Grandma.”  These are real people and they need their families.

Here is a good link for more in depth reading:

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