Reaching Out

Here is a post from a guest blogger, my Mom:

Diana Ross sang this song in the 1970s….

Reach out and touch someone’s hand
Make this a better place…
If you can…

Somewhere in the course of daily life…we need to open our eyes, look around,
open our minds to those in need
Once we begin to notice…this happens frequently
…a chance meeting… Call it serendipity…eyes meet, a smile, say Hello
Then comes the response…the opportunity .
   Met a woman at a bustling farmers market…we began conversation, and her story.
   She needed someone to listen…family estrangement…she was hurting….
   I was there.   It was a beautiful exchange…a hug
   And we parted.

After morning mass, a middle aged gentleman approached.  Do you have some change so I can have
Breakfast at McDonalds.  He was embarrassed and grateful for our small donation.  He was proud of his twenty some years as a professional at GE…was let go.  Circumstances brought him to this difficult
Period in his life…he wanted to share his story with us…
And we parted.

Sitting, squatting cross legged in front of A busy Starbucks…I see her at every visit.
Today it was cold and rainy.  “Can I bring you a coffee?”  ”  Yes, that would be nice, she replied”
Carmel flavoring…bringing it out to her, she was grateful.   So she sits here daily while she awaits disability benefits.  Then in her gentle, pleasant voice ,” May God bless you”
And we parted.

Earlier, in the back pews of St Ignatius Church sits a couple…dressed in various layers of clothing.
The woman is large, disabled, in a wheelchair.  The man is small, dark skinned, older.  They sit quietly, eyes closed, never a word spoken. Our eyes meet.  “Hello”. Then a mother and a 20 something daughter approach.  Simply slipping them some bills, giving each one a warm loving hug.
Gave the change but more importantly…recognition.  
And we parted.

So we can begin to “see” and acknowledge these people
All have needs.  Maybe some ask for help…mostly not
How can we help?
What do we learn from these encounters?
And how do these folks handle life through difficult times and heartaches?

We learn to reach out.  These dear people are no longer invisible.
They are our friends and neighbors.
And we learn to reach out..a bit farther…
“Take time from our busy day”….for those in need.

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