Proposed Health Care Changes-Impact on Adults over 50

I had a different topic chosen for this week’s blog, but had to pre-empt previously scheduled programming to give you this important message:

Here is a timely article from AARP explaining the current proposal for the ACA replacement plan and it’s impact on adults over the age of 50.

In short, the proposed formula will decrease the tax credits to everyone, using a multiplier that increases as you get older, allowing for even less tax credits as you age.  This will have a significant impact on low to moderate income people over 50 who do not have health insurance through an employer.  So even if you have coverage now through an employer, you would be impacted by this if you were to experience a job loss.  It could also impact you if you choose to retire before you have Medicare and are not offered retirement health benefits from your employer.  You could also be impacted if you are not eligible for Medicare, which is the case for many immigrants.

What about the proposal to change the fundamental structure of Medicaid at the Federal level?  Here is a quote from the Center on Budget and Policy priorities, “In short, a block grant or a per capita cap would reverse states’ progress in enabling people to remain in their homes and communities instead of having a nursing home as their only choice.”
Medicaid Cuts are a Real Threat:  Medicaid Cuts are a Real Threat to Home and Community Based Services.
Some believe the steaks are high because not only does this proposal limit financial assistance for health care, but who receives the care.  How health care is regulated and financed shapes the degree disparities in treatment.

Whether you agree with this plan or not, it is important to understand what it means for you, your neighbors, family members and others you care about.  Contact your representatives and let them know how you feel about it. 

Complacency is the real danger here!

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