I recently spent some time visiting my Mom in Florida.  It was a refreshing break from my job, where many of seniors I see are frail and lower on the income scale.  Although not all of the Floridians I encountered were seniors or snowbirds, those that are older were very functional, happier and seemingly healthy.

After more conversation with my Mom, it became apparent that there were some things happening to her older friends and neighbors that were no different from those in lesser economic circumstances.

The incidence of dementia, fear of dementia and question of recognition of dementia vs other age related changes is pervasive. 

Caregiver issues are also of great concern to many.

The reality of increasing frailty with age is a harsh reality.  However, for whatever reason, some individuals fare better than others.  

The group from the retirement home on the sightseeing boat ride was nothing out of the ordinary until the accompanying staff member called out, “Somebody call 911! Please call 911!  Is there a Doctor or a Nurse on the boat?”

It was uncomfortable for everyone, including the young people and others.  Not to mention the fact that we had to wait for the Paramedics and the ambulance.

Many have lost a spouse.  Some have found new loves. Some spend their resources caring and providing for a spouse or other family members, children or grandchildren who have troubles.

But everyone is getting older, including me.  Age related issues are universal.

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