Being Vulnerable 


There has been discussion about how Medicaid programs help address the needs of the most vulnerable in our society.  These people are the most at risk from the proposed drastic cuts to Medicaid services.  Here is some descriptions of some of the most vulnerable.

  • A woman who is in her 70’s and is frail from multiple chronic health problems. Her children live out of town.  She lives walking distance from a big box grocery store, but can’t get there due to her mobility limitations. She gently told me that she has not been to the grocery store I over a month and was very low on food.
  • I have met several people in their 90’s who are temporarily in the nursing home following a fall and injury.  There often is a home to which he/she would like to return but they often have limited assets to pay for help in the home. Should they have to stay in the nursing home, which incidentally is about 5 times as costly?
  • The 85 year old man who lives in his home that is so piled up with stuff that he could barely open the door.  He was just discharged from the VA Hospital with a leg amputation and wounds on his other foot.  He can hardly walk and is likely to trip and fall in his cluttered home that he cannot manage.

Please let your elected official know that we as a society are not willing to tolerate cuts to services for these people in need!


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