Follow the Yellow Brick Road


I was finding my way through a big hospital recently, following the purple diamonds on the floor to get to my destination.  Every time I go there or any hospital, I am struck with how impersonal and institutional these settings are.  The big business of health care takes precedence over the personal experience of people in the midst of a health crisis.

Many times I’ve see a person in a bed rolling past.  The lack of dignity is remarkable.

I am reminded of my own experience with my Dad , a retired physician, when he was ill, walking along side his hospital bed when he was rolled to a CT scan.  It was a helpless feeling and the CT scan wasn’t the answer for him or me. 

We follow instructions because we trust it is for the best.  However, there are some valuable perspectives that challenge our blind faith in health care.  I plan to share some of these ideas in future posts.

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