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Who is paying for the Corporate Tax Cuts?

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Here is the source of the above data with additional details from the current House Tax Bill, state by state.


The title is a simple question to which I am having a difficult time getting the clear answer.  I am no tax expert and like most of us don’t have all day to pour over details if the minute to minute changes.  We need to pay close attention to our news sources as the bill moves through committees this week.  There are plans to pass it before Thanksgiving.

There has been ongoing concern regarding the Medicaid cuts coming back as a way to offset the cost of corporate tax cuts.  Please stand with me and remain vigilant to prevent this from happening as these massive changes to our economy are being rushed through.

It appears the plan eliminates deductions for medical expenses, which would be a blow to older adults with high out of pocket expenses as well as families supporting people with disabilities.

If the measure of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable, we really don’t need this tax cut if it means reducing already inadequateresources allocated to frail elders and people with disabilities.

There is also a potential threat to the individual mandate of the ACA.  Let’s keep a watchful eye on that too.

Please feel free to chime in with more helpful information.

November 1st started Open Enrollment for ACA plans on the Marketplace.  Here is a health-care-open-enrollment link to more information:





Ordinary People Like Us Need to Fight Racism

I was confronted with a difficult realization today when talking with a co-worker.  We were working with an older couple, the wife has Alzheimer’s dementia and he is her very devoted caregiver.  My Coworker and I discussed the husband’s reluctance to provide needed information to access services.  She pointed out to me that they were African Americans from the deep South and may be fearful of outsiders, based on past experiences with systematic racism.  I then realized that so many old wounds are being opened with the recent public demonstrations of white supremacy/white nationalism.  Older people are reliving the racism of the past.

Here is a great article with information we can all use.  You don’t need to be a full time activist, but all of us ordinary people need to DO SOMETHING!

10 Ways to Fight Hate